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Check this out!

Everyone, check out this page here at Amazon.co.uk! This is the picture the UK version of Amazon has up for the British version of Sweet Valley Confidential! (Note that the version our friends in the UK will be purchasing is called Ten Years On rather than Ten Years Later.) But is this the real cover image, or is it just being used for marketing purposes only until the real one is released (since that’s what’s happening over here)? Will we see a different cover here in the U.S.? And either way … what do you think of it? (I really like the classic circle design, but would rather see art inside than another photo!)

EDIT: That same page also shows that the book is 400 pages long! FRICKIN’ SWEET


Comments on: "Sweet Valley Confidential: Is This The Cover?" (2)

  1. earlynerdspecial said:

    I saw this today, but I have to hope that it’s just a placeholder for the actual cover, because it is fug.

    I’m sorry, but it is. I like the circle design because it’s a throwback to the original novels, but the rest of it can go.

    • I like the circle design too, but I do wish it looked more like the original circle! In fact, I’d love to see the entire front, back and spine emulate an original SVH novel with artwork by the original artist, Mathewuse. Of course, the downside there is there’d be no room to see artwork of all the other characters, and I’m kind of curious to see how they would be depicted today … above all, I just don’t want a photo of some random models portraying the twins … again.

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