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As revealed by People.com

As People.com announced this morning at 9 AM, the Sweet Valley Confidential cover has been revealed! It’s much better than the one shown on the Amazon.co.uk site. I prefer this cover a thousand times over!

With that said, the back cover photo is weirding me out a tad. The way the model’s hair was styled makes the end of her nose look odd to me, with it just peeking out like that. I’m probably unusually persnickety about things like this, given that I’ve been criticizing the old covers for over 2.5 years straight now! But I love her necklace – is that supposed to be a more modern lavaliere? Of course, since she’s the made-up twin she must be Jess, and au naturel chick on the front cover is Liz. Some things really do never change.

View the details, and please share your thoughts with me!

Sweet Valley Confidential cover at People.com


Comments on: "Sweet Valley Confidential: U.S. Cover Revealed!" (4)

  1. The vibe I’m getting from Jessica is that of Kate Winslet while from Liz the feel is more Charlize Theron.

    I love the lavaliere! I like that the faces are partly hidden considering that this book is a big “guess how they are now?” Maybe Jess had a botched nose job?:)

    I read the first chapter online and thought Liz was a mega-douche

  2. I do like this cover better then the first one you showed, but I do wish that the first chapter would have been Jess.. I hope the whole book isn’t from the view point of liz.. that would be boring.

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