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A Lost at Sea Postscript

Why is it that no one in Sweet Valley ever has to use the bathroom? Not that I want detailed descriptions of people sitting on the toilet, but at times it seems almost unreasonable not to mention it. The only mention at all (in SVH, anyway) that I can recall was in book 13 when Elizabeth is kidnapped and has to get her captor to carry her to the bathroom. Even then, I was surprised to see it in there just because it made sense and Sweet Valley is so not about making sense. Regardless, I find it very odd that there’s no mention in Lost at Sea of Jess or Winston having to dig a hole in the woods or take a piss in a bush or something. Hehe, can you see Jess having to take a crap in a hole in the ground?

It’s just another example of something that I KNOW I shouldn’t even be questioning, but I can’t help but do it anyway.


Comments on: "A Lost at Sea Postscript" (4)

  1. Clementine Bojangles said:

    You’re totally right, and if I recall correctly, Liz didn’t even use the facilities when Carl brought her to the bathroom. I think she just tried to escape.

  2. What is with that? Not that I’ve read many of them but still. Though she does mention that Robin runs to the bathrooms in book #4 after being called just short of a fat-ass pig by Bruce at the dace. RUDE!

  3. I’d pay money to read a hearty description of Saint Liz getting diarrhea and accidentally sharting those pristine white mom jeans of hers muahahahahaha! Ghost poopie ghost writer? Anyone?

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