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A Nerdy Dilemma

Well, I’m scheduled to go on a Caribbean cruise this spring … fabulous, right? Except the dates happen to overlap the release date of Sweet Valley Confidential! In fact, it comes out a day too late for me to grab it before we leave port! I’ve never been on a cruise, so for all I know I’d have zero time to read anyway, but I keep seeing myself stretched out on a chaise lounge in the sun by the pool, enjoying a few hours of an “at sea” day with this tome … I’m a super fast reader, so I’m not afraid of not being able to finish it in those few hours.

Hey, can’t I just wait to read it till I get back? Well, sure, but as soon as I return it’ll be time to go back to work. And I’ll have to avoid umpteen blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, and loose-lipped friends (of which I have plenty) all giving away what happens while I frantically rush to finish in whatever moments I can snatch. (Spring is a really busy time at my office.) Well, hey, I won’t spend my vacation mourning the failure to read the book, like Liz pretended to mourn her relationship with Jeffrey French. And the upside is that I can distract myself from my post-vacation blues with this when I do have a moment!


Comments on: "A Nerdy Dilemma" (3)

  1. You could always pre-order it an keep your fingers crossed it’s delivered a day early!

  2. aubynpeach said:

    Can you download it to a kindle or your phone?

  3. they will have it on kindle and Nook if you have one of those.

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