A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

Is everyone signed up with the Sweet Valley Confidential email list? (If not, you can do that super quick right here.) I just got an email a few seconds ago with a little puzzler for us:

“Something borrowed, something blue, there is going to be a wedding in Sweet Valley … but who will be saying ‘I do’?”

Yes, yes, who indeed? I think Liz and Todd is the obvious guess. But maybe Jessica will finally steal Todd for good? While Liz is left to cry on Bruce’s shoulder … Ew, what if it’s Liz and BRUCE? We know they are all BFF and shit now, after all! Oh, no! DON’T DO IT TO ME FRANCINE!

Your guesses?

PS Thank you readers for being so supportive of me! I see all of your comments and it means a lot that you dig following this blog so much. Stay tuned for The Perfect Girl sometime tonight! (No, I’m not just saying that!)


Comments on: "Wedding Bells in Sweet Valley" (3)

  1. I say the plans are for Jessica and Todd, but in the end it will be Todd and Liz.

    • Ooooh, like the wedding gets disrupted at the “If any of you know any reason why this man and this woman …” bla bla bla, with Liz running up the aisle yelling that she loves Todd? Oh man. That sounds like the perfect Sweet Valley twist. I think you may have called it!

  2. Hopefully it’s a red herring and none if them get married. If I had to guess, then Jessica but not with Todd please!

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