A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

A reader with handle apathetic_damp on the wicked awesome LiveJournal Sweet Valley recap community 1bruce1 recently posted that there is a college course on Sweet Valley High at Simmons College in Boston … HOW FRICKIN’ AWESOME.

The accompanying textbook, Reading the Adolescent Romance: Sweet Valley High and the Popular Young Adult Romance Novel by Amy Pattee, is available on Amazon.com. It is already in my shopping cart.

Should I recap it?

Anyone reading this taken the class by chance?


Comments on: "Sweet Valley 101: The College Course" (8)

  1. frak I’d take this course if I lived just a bit closer (I can’t make a 6 hour commute that often ;-;) but holee…I have bought most of the Buffy academic books I want so maybe its time to branch out…


  2. Elizabeth Wilkins said:

    Wow- thanks for sharing; I am intrigued! I’d love to buy the book today but that 100 bucks seems a bit steep! I am so temped to propose an elective course to my administration (which I’d be willing to teach) for next year’s schedule- something about the importance or influence of YA Lit- and of course a large chunk of the syllabus would be SV! 🙂 What else to include- Babysitter’s, BoxCar Children,….hmm…this is fun to think about. It’s nice to give those big old canonized “classics” a break!

    • Have you ever read the book Shelf Discovery, by Lizzie Skurnick? It’s based on a column she used to write online, and has summaries and analysis of a lot of popular YA novels. It might give you a good head-start! FYI, Lizzie also ghostwrote some of the *Elizabeth* series!

  3. aubynpeach said:

    Should you recap this book….let’s see….wait i am thinking…as alice said to ned in SVC-recap the fucking book. Oh wait, she wanted him to get the fucking cake. Sorry, SVC left me so confused. Please recap. if needed I will send you a picture of me begging 🙂

    • Ha ha ha! I will! I’m not sure when I’ll post it however. Probably after I’ve gotten a tad farther in the series. I can’t believe I still have so many books left to go before I’m done with them all, I feel like I started this project ten years ago!

  4. I totally just added this book to my Amazon wish list. But my private one…not the public one. Hahahahaha

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