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And now this awesome interview with Francine, by Emily at XOJane.com (brought to you by Jane Pratt, formerly of Sassy and Jane magazines), PROVES IT. Ha ha! Raise your hand if you could’ve guessed that Francine didn’t like Enid.

Here it is: Francine Pascal on Cocaine Overdoses, Teenage Sexuality, and Those “Perfect Size Sixes” Then please come back and tell me what you thought of this interview!


Comments on: "I Always Knew Francine Didn’t Like Enid" (10)

  1. pibetaalpha said:

    Oh, Enid! Even your own creator doesn’t like you! You can’t win!

  2. Wow. Tone that arrogance and conceit down a bit Francine…

  3. Oooh, how very harsh! The Enid bit made me laugh for all the wrong reasons though. Poor thing… as much as I do want to feel empathy towards her, her character is just so whiny & lame that even I can’t fake it. In SVU – even under her newly renovated persona Alexandra – she’s still pathetic!
    Sorry Enid, tough break.

  4. You know what struck me is that she sounded very sincere but also naive about things. Like when she said she gave the overweight girls Robin, who was closer to real because she still had a good life. She only had a good life after she lost all of that weight! It was only then that she became the cheerleader, accomplished diver, popular girl that people loved. But I don’t think Francine gets why that’s bad or sends a wrong message. She honestly thinks she was sending the message “You’re OK!” not “You’re OK…as long as you lose that weight!”

    • Clementine Bojangles said:

      I struggled with this part, too. She completely glosses over the fact that Robin loses all that weight by essentially becoming anorexic (that might be one of the most troublesome books, in terms of the message it sends).

      Also, she gets her details wrong about Robin in SVC. Am I wrong, or doesn’t SVC talk about the fact that Robin manages to stay slim while working in the food industry? More than once?

  5. This isn’t a new thought, but I love that Francine just doesn’t get that no one cares whether E has an orgasm or not – they are bothered that she *cries* after them. That’s just so weird.

  6. aubynpeach said:

    Wow, I pretty much agree with everyone here. Yes, E crying after and orgasm is the problem, not the orgasm itself. And what a weird statement when she says “after i spent all that money sending her to switzerland getting her cured of her disability”. In Francine’s world you have to lose the weight or the disability before you really deserve a happy life. That is a bit scary.

  7. Okay, the scene in SVC where Elizabeth has sex with Bruce (spoiler alert)? I couldn’t even tell if she was having an orgasm because the language was so convoluted (“At last Elizabeth knew the splendid, the marvelous, the amazing, the spectacular! The over the top!” That makes it sound like she had NEVER had one before. Seems like someone was watching the film version of “The Notebook.”)

    Also: “dangerous liberal New York philosophy?” I don’t know why that struck me as so theatrically over-the-top and hilarious, but it did.

  8. Clementine Bojangles said:

    “That, and also the fact that this series turned girls who had never been readers, who’d never been to a library, into avid readers. And I used to get thousands of letters and fully a quarter of them said, they started, the same first line ‘I used to hate to read.'”

    Much as I’m loathe to admit it, she’s onto something here. Dammit.

  9. Meh, she seems out-of-touch in a lot of aspects. Still respect the woman for providing me with fun, frilly reads growing up which helped shaped my ideas of being a high schooler (good and bad). I would like to assure her, though, that orgasms do exist in Kansas! ;p

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