A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

The earliest SVH books (except for Double Love) had considerably less pages than others. Some of these early books were bulked up with extra content added to the back, such as lengthy synopses of existing books in the series, previews of upcoming books from SVH and the Caitlin series, and … drumroll … the character bios shown below. Click each picture to enlarge it. (Thanks Liesel for asking for these!)

This lengthy bio of Bill Chase appeared in the first edition of book 5.

More about Jessica's infatuation with Bill and Bill's dead girlfriend Julianne

More about Bill's parents than we've ever heard in the books, and the start of Lila's biography.

A rather shattering revelation about Lila's father and some info about Lila's "true love"

The last part of Lila's bio

The back of book 6 featured a Roger Collins biography. Notice it says that Elizabeth and Mr. Collins are "close friends."

...in which we learn about Mr. Collins' ex-wife May and how she kidnapped Teddy after losing the custody battle.

Some foreshadowing of the Mr. Collins-Ms. Dalton bit in Perfect Summer and a strange bit about Jessica's crush on Mr. Collins and her eagerness to babysit ... I didn't know Jessica cared.

There you have it! Have you ever seen any more of these biographies in any SV books? These are the only three I am aware of.


Comments on: "“A Special Bonus” – 1980s Character Bios!" (4)

  1. …and thanks for sharing these! These was left out (as much other things, including whole books 😦 ) in the Swedish series!

    • Wow, really? Did they just skip certain books in the series or did they end the series early? How odd, either way!

      • The way the Swedish lot is published, is weirdly confusing…
        The SVK’s go up to #40, the SVT lot up to #84 – it also has 4 SVT #97’s and mixes both regular #’s with Supers and Chillers (resulting in a Super/ Chiller number count of 34 plus 3 Magnas). The SVJH lot goes up to #20 and SVU lot up to #11. The SVH lot goes up to #41 (as far as I’ve noticed). Supers, Thrillers are mixed along w/ 1 Super Star and there are 7 Magna’s and 2 SVH TV-tie ins :-/
        It’s actually quite insulting to the swedish fanbase really, to not actually give them a proper start and finish to any one series.

  2. This is love – Thank you! As I’d expected, I don’t seem to have these character bios w/in my lot at all. UK-typical.
    Thank for uploading these

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