A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

…and a snarky New Year

I wanted to take a moment to get all sappy and thank all of my loyal readers for following my blog. I first started this thing nearly three years ago on Blogspot because I had been re-reading all my old YA books and couldn’t help but make loving fun of some of them. (Or not so loving … whatever.) At the time I didn’t expect to get any fans because I have kind of a weird sense of humor, am a stickler for details, and have a tendency to be long-winded. (This is probably the only writing I’ve ever done in my whole life where I didn’t have to make myself chop the content, so starting this blog was oddly cathartic.) And there are plenty of other sites out there doing the same thing that are just fantastic. So honestly, this began as my own project because I thought it would be fun to document it, because I’m hopelessly in love with words and like to write everything down anyway just for the fuck of it. For that reason I’ve never done any real publicizing of this blog myself. Now I am grateful to have many wonderful readers who can laugh along with me as we re-discover Sweet Valley and its um, educational plot lines. I am pleasantly surprised to find people actually read my long ass posts and I love getting all of your comments and insights on the stories. Thank you so much and rest assured that I probably would’ve dropped this project quite a while ago or at least been much much much slower if it weren’t for your support and feedback. So whether you’re celebrating a holiday this season, drafting New Year’s resolutions, enjoying family time, or none of the above, I wish you a fabulous 2012 and thanks for sticking with me!


Comments on: "…and a snarky New Year" (6)

  1. So here is my story: not the whole thing, just as it deals with SVH. I decided to start reading them again as an older adult and realized i waited too long and couldn’t find anything. Then your blog appeared and you do the hard work and i get the rewards. The other sites don’t go as in depth and yours are the most fun. I am totally loyal, though I hope we get them a little more often in the new year, because they are like candy for me. So happy new year to you and thank you for all the fun you have given me this year.

  2. pibetaalpha said:

    Yes, the most delicious, SWEET-est candy ever. Blog on, and thank you!

  3. Elizabeth Wilkins said:

    And here is my story: About this time a year ago- a week or so before Thanksgiving- through random google-ing I finally found confirmation on the Internet that a new Sweet Valley book was going to be published in the Spring. Before I’d even finished babbling incoherent excited-ness at my husband trying to explain what was going to happen (he didn’t get it- shocker) I was rummaging in the garage for my 4 containers of all the Sweet Valley books I’ve read/collected/owned). I knew I had the entire original High series in my possession among other books from the spin offs and thought I’d like to make it a goal to re-read the entire original series by the time Sweet Valley Confidential came out. Not only would I be reviewing and catching up before the new one but I knew I’d honestly love devouring these flimsy little young adult fantasy get-aways in the process. As I was flying through them one by one I decided to start looking up commentaries on them from the Internet to see if my opinions agreed or disagree with others. Your site was one of the first ones that I found that went so far into the series, and as a previous poster mentioned, were extremely in-depth reviews (fyi to other wannabee sites out there, if I wanted a back of the book review I’d just read the back of the book). No, I wanted opinions on the world that was Sweet Valley! The Snark within the review was just the icing on the (bring out the f*ing) Cake! You see, I am totally enamored with all Sweet Valley- I grew up with it; it is a permanent part of my life even if new stuff doesn’t ever come out again. I love it. I’m Sweet Valley obsessed (but not in a scary way). But like you, I’ve always seen the inconsistencies, the ridiculousness, the awe-fullness within it. I love to hate it and hate to love it. And snark is right up my alley too. So although I’ve since finished my re-reading of the series I am now totally hooked on your reviews and will happily keep reading them and visiting this site. Thanks for all of the hard work you put into each and every review here- I truly enjoy reading them!

  4. Yep, I agree with everyone else here- your blog sticks out because of how in-depth your posts are. Which I love! So many other sites just post a brief summary. Can’t wait to hear more! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  5. I personally love all the blogs out there – all for varying reasons, as well as the fact I like how everyone has their own view, style and take, as well as delivery method that they feel comfortable writing in. But I do think your blog has the slight edge in regards to the lil’ tidbits of info that you choose to include within your write-ups as they sorta document the series in a kinda timeline like way. This also includes the stuff at the back of the books w/ ads and everything, which differ quite a bit from my UK versions, so I’m always grateful for when you include those too. So Happy holidays Ms. Snarky; will definitely be keeping a watch out for more material from you next year!

  6. great job on your blog.. I do check out your blog whenever I got the chance and do laugh on your snarks. 🙂 I hope to read more of your SVH recaps and possibly if you could include recaps from the other sv series next year

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