A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

Woo hoo! You can now read an excerpt from The Sweet Life (the first book in the upcoming six book miniseries) on Entertainment Weekly’s books page, Shelf Life. I’ll have my thoughts up this weekend! You can read the excerpt at this link right here. You can get the full e-book on July 15, and the paper copy will be available in October.

I’ve also read In Love with a Prince and that post is almost done, so look forward to that as well … woo hoo. (It’s well past 100 outside … might as well chill in the A/C with my laptop)


Comments on: "Excerpt from The Sweet Life Now Available" (3)

  1. I enjoyed it! Can’t wait for next Sunday. Raise your hand if you think Todd and Jess are not going to make it by the end this series! Also, I’m happy that the first 12 SVH books are being released for e-readers! Yay!

    • The day is here! Also, I am raising my hand … hahaha. I think this marriage sounds pretty crappy and I don’t buy that they love each other.

  2. Aubyn Peach said:

    Ok, i am into chapter 2 and there is so much i want to talk about but i will hold off. So many odd little details that might make this the most piece of performance art ever 🙂 also, I got the tape to work with my computer, so if you want to email your address, i will try to get you a copy of the cd of the book on tape. My email is aubynpeach@sbcglobal.net. Hope the wedding planning is going well.

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