A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

Here’s a special treat for you guys courtesy of reader Kat K.! Kat generously sent me a scan of one of the items I’ve been looking for: an issue of Bantam’s Loveletters newsletter! These newsletters were offered free in the back of Sweet Valley books in the late 1980s. You had to mail in a coupon to subscribe. For some reason, I never signed up for these. Boy do I regret that now. It’s pretty sweet – features include an interview with author Caroline B. Cooney, and some Sweet Valley news including a call for identical twins to play Liz and Jess in a TV show! Damn, they were looking as early as the late 80s! Click the screenshots below to see the whole thing. You might wanna zoom in on each piece after you click so you can read the whole janx. Yes I just said janx. Leave me alone, I’m excited about this.

Thanks again, Kat!

Page one

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4!


Comments on: "Bantam’s Loveletters Newsletter, Issue 6 (1988)" (9)

  1. Which series did Carolyn Cooney write? I’m blanking but I thought I really liked it.

    • She wrote a bunch – there were teen romance series with titles like “Saturday Night” and “Camp Boy-Meets-Girl” and then she had a lot of awesome thriller series: The Fog, The Snow, and The Fire; one about a vampire who granted wishes to teenage girls in exchange for victims (haha); The Face on the Milk Carton … any of those sound familiar?

  2. Very interesting! Thank you kat k/ snark valley! Nice to see fans who contribute some of their stuff for others to see. Grazie tante!

  3. First of all, it’s hilarious to think of kids nowadays actually taking the time to a) buy a postcard, b) hand write their favorite Sweet Dreams titles, c) buy a stamp and d) go to a mailbox. All to vote in a Favorite Books poll.

    Second of all, oh my god that interview with Caroline Cooney. In the last bit she talks about a book she was working on about camp and it was totally ‘Love and Betrayal and Hold the Mayo’, which was an all-time favorite of mine. My copy was oft-read as a kid.

  4. Did you abandon your blog 😦

    • I didn’t, I promise – I’m just having the roughest year ever. I wish I was just feeling sorry for myself, but crap keeps happening, and my work life is killing me right now. I really miss it and I hope to be able to post something new again really soon. I may have a new job soon which would help a great deal, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂

  5. sartaztic said:

    I LOVE THIS BLOG! I’m still reading SVH too….and now I’m onto SVU. They’re actually amazing, as ridiculous as the plots are. Keep updating!

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