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I know I haven’t posted anything in a while and there are multiple unfortunate reasons for that, but I have not and will not give up entirely on this blog. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get the rest of my Sweet Life recaps up before the hardcover copy comes out on October 30? I know better than to promise that I will, but I am going to try.

While you wait with bated breath for me to post another recap, let me tell you about something funny that happened the other day. I was addressing a save-the-date envelope to my friend Jessica. After I sealed it, I flipped it back over and saw that I had put the wrong last name. That’s right, I had addressed the envelope as follows: “Miss Jessica Wakefield”

I SHIT YOU NOT. I’ve been meaning to share this for some time but it flew out of my memory! Needless to say, Jessica Wakefield is NOT invited to my wedding! Sorry Jess … you cause too much drama, and trust me I don’t need that right now. (Just in case you were going to pry, Liz, you are certainly not invited either!)

Thank you all for reading, for leaving comments that brighten my day (and make me laugh), and for your general awesomeness. I may be slow as molasses, but I’m not going anywhere.

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