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News (or, in the latest edition of The Oracle …)

Wow, so I’ve been gone from WordPress so long that I apparently forgot how it works now and erased the entire blog post I just typed when I tried to insert a picture. Just kill me!

Okay, so back to everything I was saying before I erased it and wound up not saying it at all. First, a couple of new things going on in the Sweet Valley world:



Wooooo look at that. Starting November 27th, you can get the first 12 books in the original SVH series in e-book format! They even have the original “covers” … sort of. As you can see, they decided to keep the original Mathewuse paintings, but add strange cursive font and new fluorescent backgrounds. Why does everyone always have to go and mess with shit like this? What was wrong with the old-school stuff? Waaaah! (hahahaha)

AND, the hardcover version of The Sweet Life series is also now available! As far as I can tell, it does not contain any new content whatsoever though, which is some bullshit if you ask me. I’m on this “look a gift horse in the mouth” kick.

Lastly: while I expect to post a review of the Sweet Valley High board game near the end of this month, it’s safe to say I’m on hiatus from the book reviews (wait, you mean I wasn’t already?!) until late December/early January. There is too much going on in my life right now and I don’t have the time I need to post a quality SVH review that meets my lofty standards. No, really! Even though it might just seem like a lot of cussing, it takes a surprising amount of time for me to do these reviews. would never, ever abandon this blog altogether, though. It brings me way too much joy and I hope it does the same for all of you. You can expect sporadic posts here and there, but I really doubt I’ll have a full review up until around Christmastime. I am looking forward to getting back to writing both this blog AND my version of the Just Okay American Novel, which I also had to semi-abandon not long ago. (The book doesn’t have anything to do with SVH, but I wish it could sell as well, because then I’d happily become a rich author with plenty of time to laze around reading and recapping SVH. And yes that was a serious statement!)

Hang in there and don’t abandon me – I am not abandoning you! Promise!

What have you all been up to, my dears?

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