A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some (with lots of swears)

I’m baaaaaack!

Whew! Hiatus officially over! 

I need to finish my Sweet Life reviews as well as post the one SVH book review that’s been languishing in my files for-ev-er. I also want to thank my loyal reader Aubyn for sending me one of the SVH audiobooks, originally released on cassette tape in the 80s! I am going to have a good time with that sucker. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

I saw the hard copy of The Sweet Life omnibus version in a Barnes & Noble bookstore recently … has anyone picked this up? Everything I’ve heard says there is no extra content in it, but I’ll probably grab it anyway. I love paper books.

Thanks for hanging in there with me during my hiatus! A new review will posted very soon … no, really!


Comments on: "I’m baaaaaack!" (5)

  1. Aubyn Peach said:

    SO excited you are back. I hope all is well. Did you get my cd?

  2. I found your blog and literally just spent the whole weekend reading it and listening to my boyfriend saying “why are you laughing so much?”
    This was an awesome nostalgia trip! I can’t believe how much I remembered from the original books. I hope you continue writing more about the SVH books because you were just getting to the era that I remember the most. I read all the earlier ones but my favorites are the Palisades/SVH war trilogy, the Jess/Liz go to visit Steve at college, R for Revenge, Evil Twin, and love love love the secret diaries, especially Jessica’s volume three. I also loved the earthquake ones. I was always kind of interested to read SVH senior year but I was a little too old for them by that point.
    Also the Fowlers of Sweet Valley might just be the greatest SV book ever.
    R for Revenge has the best Lila quote ever.

    Someone (I think Maria: More than anything else Nancy considers herself a cheerleader. Like Liz being a writer, or Lila being…”
    Lila: Rich.

    Okay I have babbled enough. I will keep reading!

  3. G o n e . . . A g a i n . said:

    And… GONE AGAIN.

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