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Hi from the Valley of Snark

Hi everyone. I’ve been seeing a lot of really nice comments left on my blog lately from new readers and others asking me if I still update the blog. The short answer is yes … I just haven’t been able to since I started my new job. I have to travel a good amount and sometimes work long hours, and while it’s fun, it also wears me out to the point that it’s hard to get the motivation to post. With that said, now that Christmas is past, I have the following unfinished entries I want to finish and post soon:

*The Sweet Life books 4, 5, and 6 (I think those are the ones I didn’t post)
*SVH audio book courtesy of Aubyn!
*SVH board game

And then it will be just one more book until the Jungle Prom … I’m actually excited; I get kinda gloomy post-Christmas, so any week I’m not someplace warm (and I’m usually not) I could use an SVH book to make me laugh!

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