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NEWLY RELEASED – Alternate Ending to The Sweet Life

I want to thank reader Erin M. for bringing this to my attention, because I had no idea.

Francine Pascal has written an alternate ending to the last installment of The Sweet Life, and released it on her Facebook page as a FREE download – along with a letter of apology for the original ending to the series. (Hey, where’s my apology for Sweet Valley Confidential? lollllll)

I’m preparing to read it now, but I won’t post a review until I’ve put up my reviews of the rest of the original Sweet Life, ’cause that would get weird. That will also give my readers time to read this new ending before they get confronted by spoilers from me.

If you’ve already read it and want to discuss, please feel free to do so in the comments to this post! And stay tuned for more soon!

Get the alternate ending to The Sweet Life HERE!

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