A 30-something's lovingly sarcastic journey through all of Sweet Valley High, and then some

I can’t remember if I shared this news with you guys or not, so here goes. In October 2016, Dynamite Entertainment announced the 2017 debut of a new Sweet Valley High graphic novel! It is being put together with the input of Francine Pascal. I for one am honestly pretty excited to have more SVH. I can only hope it’s going include gratuitous illustrations of Todd punches, crazy Dana Larson outfits, and Bruce and Jessica rolling around in the leaves making out like in Playing with Fire. You can read the official press release about that here. (In case you aren’t aware, the pictures at the bottom are from the 2008 Sweet Valley High re-launch, which only lasted for six books.) I haven’t heard anything about a release date, but if I do I will update everyone!


Comments on: "New at Sweet Valley High: Graphic Novel Series" (2)

  1. Neidin Mccullough said:

    Come baaack! I’m actually dying to hear your take on the ridiculousness the next two mini series.

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