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Sweet Valley Cover Models

I think many of us like to try and figure out the models for some of the SV cover paintings (all done by James Mathewuse up till the first Sweet Valley Saga book). You may already know that Courteney Cox posed for Annie Whitman on Wrong Kind of Girl; I don’t know for sure who any of the rest are but we all have good guesses.

As I was looking through the stepback illustrations of my SV Saga books, I couldn’t help but notice this illustration from The Patmans of Sweet Valley

Ava Crowder, is that you?

If you watch the (totally awesome) FX show Justified, you’re familiar with Ava. Do you think it’s her? The actress who plays her, Joelle Carter, is a former professional model. I think she is a dead ringer. I’ve seen her make that same expression at Raylan many times!

(Next review coming super soon … I swear …I’m almost done …)

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