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A NEW Sweet Valley Series is On the Way!

…Is that a good thing or a bad thing? You decide!

I want to thank Clementine Bojangles over at Sixteen and Perfect Forever for posting about the latest Sweet Valley news: that there will, in fact, be more Sweet Valley adult books, in a series called “The Sweet Life”. Only this time they will be serialized, much like the original SVHs that we love/love to hate so much, and they are electronic versions only.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of the reason I love doing this blog so much is that I do, in fact, love Sweet Valley High. Even when I’m shaking my head in disbelief at bad writing, horrible plots, inconsistencies, or crazy things that MAKE NO SENSE and make me want to scream, I’m still loving it. (Okay, wait, I’m lying a little – whenever I write that I had to drag myself through a book because it was horrendous, I’m being absolutely serious. The latest books I’ve been reviewing are wearing me out.) That is, perhaps, why I was so annoyed with Sweet Valley Confidential – because it felt like a slap in the face of everything that makes me WANT to re-read, laugh at, and snark on the original series as a nearly 30-year-old woman. (No, Francine, it wasn’t because I think Elizabeth doesn’t deserve orgasms.) So setting myself up for more slaps is not appetizing to me, but I’ll try anything once … or twice, or multiple times, because I’m a big glutton for punishment, right!

Also, I really prefer print books to electronic, but whatever.

Read more about this new series at the New York Times article, here: A “New” Sweet Valley Spinoff, Online.

Will you be reading these? I’ll probably read the first one, but if it’s that awful, I don’t know if I can go on. Either way, no worries! I’ve still got tons of SVH books left, and I’ll be finishing Olivia’s Story soon!

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