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Campus Cool: Jessica’s Story

FullSizeRender (12)

Girl you know it’s true, oooh oooh oooh, you look like doo doo

I’m back with the second of the two Campus Cool booklets, released with the Sweet Valley High dolls sometime in 1993! This booklet came with Jessica’s doll (duh), and the ugly outfit on this cover is the same as what the doll wore. I’m just not feeling it. This cover is the same as that found on Elizabeth’s Story, only with the twins’ faces reversed, and it’s purple (like Jessica’s bedroom) rather than bright blue. Their outfits are still fugly as fuck. Something in me almost wants to like the purple and neon green of Jessica’s top, but something in me just can’t. I think it’s the color blocking.

This story starts in the summer, with Jessica and Liz shopping at Valley Mall. Liz is stunned when Jessica says she can’t wait for school to start soon. (They are still juniors.) Jessica spies a new outfit in the window of Lisette’s and flips out. It’s the same outfit on this cover. Liz is just like, “I like the hat.” I feel like that’s Liz’s way of saying, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that fool getup.” Not that Liz’s fashion sense is any better, as shown by this cover and every other cover she’s been on. Jessica tries on the outfit and falls in love. It’s the top and hat shown on the cover, plus a green mini skirt. Jess plans to wear it with a black vest she bought at a flea market, so that explains that part. Jessica is sure she’ll be hit of the school with this outfit. Yeah, maybe in 1989 you would have been. I swear to God this feels way too late for something like this to be a hit.

Anyway, Jessica sees the price tag on the outfit and realizes she can’t possibly afford it. She has three days to earn the money. She rushes home from the mall and sets the table super fancy-like to impress her parents, using their best china and crystal, complete with fanned napkins and fresh lemon slices in the water glasses. Alice sees it and thinks it must be Liz who set the table. The book notes that this is a “natural” reaction. Steven says Jessica must want something, which is another perfectly natural reaction but gets him scolded by his mother.

At dinner, Jessica wastes no time asking her parents for money. Ned actually gives a flat-out “no” and Jessica is sad because I guess she usually just gets whatever she wants. Then Liz asks Jess if she will help her wash sand out of the Jeep. Jessica immediately refuses for obvious reasons (nothing in it for her; she’s messy and doesn’t care about a bunch of beach sand). But the question gives her the bright idea to create a car wash business. She makes up business cards advertising the car wash at the Wakefield house and goes out to distribute them. She plans to charge $5 a wash, and to run the car wash just over the next two days. On day 3, which is the Sunday before the school year starts, she’ll stop and go to the mall. I sure hope she made this schedule clear on the cards. I don’t think we can trust her to have thought about it.

Jessica waits for her customers the next day while Liz takes off with Todd. They tell her she should probably change out of her outfit before washing cars, but Jess doesn’t see the problem. After the first car, she’s exhausted, dirty and messy and has wax and soap all over her clothes. Then Bruce Patman pulls up in his Porsche, saying he has a date with “a beautiful girl” that night and he wants his car to look extra nice. He mocks Jessica’s looks, throws his money on the hood and yells at Jessica that she better not scratch 1BRUCE1 or he’ll demand his money back. He rides off with his cousin Roger while Jess angrily does a half-assed job at washing the car. Bruce is her last customer of that day and she vows she’ll get back at him when she shows up at school in her hot outfit. She’s sure he’ll take one look at her and want to bang her, and she’ll just ignore him and laugh.

The next day, Jessica gets way more customers. She accidentally leaves the windows down in one car and gets water all in the inside; that customer yells at her and demands double his money back, so Jess loses $10. She eventually washes just enough cars to make all the money she needs for the outfit. Liz congratulates her and offers to take Jessica out to Casey’s Place for an ice cream sundae, but Jessica says she’s too exhausted, prompting Liz to pout she doesn’t get to see Jessica much lately. Calm down girl, you just went shopping with her two days ago!

Sunday morning arrives and Jessica rushes straight to the mall to buy the uglyass DayGlo nightmare outfit of her dreams. What do you know, the last one has been sold. Jessica rushes home upset and scoffs at her parents’ attempts to talk about what she learned washing all those cars. She quite literally CRIES herself to sleep. When she wakes up a little bit later, the outfit is lying next to her. It turns out Liz just went ahead and bought it for her the other day. Awwww, that Liz! This is Jessica’s reward for refusing to help wash the Jeep. Hehe, Jessica is such a spoiled little brat, and Liz is such an enabler, awwww, it’s sooooo cute. I wonder why she thought she could get away with spiking her sister’s drink and killing her boyfriend! Hmmmm. Jessica agrees to go get that sundae with her poor deprived sister after she tries on her new eye-burner of an outfit.

The booklet ends much like the other booklet, by saying “YOU DECIDE” whether or not Jessica was a hit with her outfit and got back at Bruce Patman. I decide Jessica looks hideous and is booed out of the school within seconds of entering. Liz too, with that ugly set of rags she’s wearing. Bye girl! Bruce is too busy carrying out Regina’s last wish of death to Amy Sutton (and then himself) and doesn’t even notice.

Yeah, this story was way more boring than Liz’s.

Coming up next: Jessica and Lila are headed on a fabulous vacation now that everyone can forget about Margo and Sam and James and death and mayhem, you know, all that pesky shit that doesn’t really matter!

Campus Cool: Elizabeth’s Story

FullSizeRender (9)

Bust out some Milli Vanilli songs in this bitch

What the hell is this?! Let me explain: Sometime around the time of A Night to Remember, Bandai toy company released a series of Sweet Valley High dolls, including “Campus Cool” versions of Elizabeth and Jessica (each sold separately!). Each doll was similar to Barbie, with interchangeable fashions you could purchase. Each doll also came with a special Sweet Valley High booklet featuring her own little story, in the style of the full-length novels. This is my review of the Elizabeth doll booklet; I also have the Jessica doll booklet.

Although the doll boxes are copyright 1992, the booklets are copyright 1993 (the same year as the infamous Jungle Prom “change” in the series). Each booklet is basically the same size as a “real” SVH book, but only 14 pages long with no chapters and (very slightly) toned down for younger kids. The booklets also kept the original classic SVH circle cover design, which SVH mostly retired (in the U.S., anyway) back in 1991.

(There was also a separate Prom Perfect gift set released with both dolls in full A Night to Remember prom night regalia – seems kinda fucked up! – and another booklet called Moonlight and Roses that came in that set. I sadly do not have that booklet in any form at this time.)

So let’s talk about this booklet’s cover, shall we? Look at those fucking outfits! I know that these are the same outfits that are on the dolls themselves, so I guess they’re wilder than usual to sell toys to Barbie fashion plate lovin’ kids, but seriously? Did these girls just leave the rejection line at the In Living Color Fly Girl auditions? And I wanna play some Candy Crush or Bejeweled or some shit on that hat Jessica’s wearing. And Liz? Honey, no. She looks fucking doofy and we all know she would never expose her midriff normally. I guess she raided her mom’s outfits from the last four decades and just threw some old bullshit together and Jess let her parade out of the house looking like that because we all know she secretly hates her anyway.

This story begins with Liz tiptoeing back into the house at midnight, wanting to dance and sing with joy, following a “special date” with Todd. She heads right to Jessica’s room because she has “something wonderful to show her.” Uh, to me this comes off like Liz and Todd finally did it and I don’t even want to say what I thought Liz was going to “show” her sister. What the fuck is wrong with me?! Back to this innocent story. It turns out Liz is talking about Todd’s letter jacket. Oh. Jessica proclaims it’s no big deal and then tries to talk Liz out of dating just one boy seriously (for the millionth time). Liz realizes Jessica is just jealous. She puts her Oracle pin on the jacket proudly while Jessica watches.

The next day after school, Jessica comes home from the Dairi Burger in a huff and stomps around bitching about how all anyone could talk about all day was Todd giving Liz his letter jacket. Well Jess, it sure beats everyone talking about how you killed your own boyfriend by spiking your sister’s drink, Miss Thing! OHHHHHHHHH no I did not!

The next morning, Jessica takes off for school in the Jeep for an early cheerleading meeting. Yeah fucking right! Jessica is the captain and she would never allow an “early” anything! Liz is too dumb to be suspicious, not even after she finds Todd’s jacket is missing. She rides to school with Enid who makes some smart ass remark about Liz not wearing the jacket Todd gave her. Liz tells her to shut up in a joking manner, and Enid salutes her and shuts up, and it kinda comes off like Peppermint Patty and Marcy from Peanuts.

Liz races into school two minutes before the final bell rings. Seriously, Jess getting up early and Liz running late? Liz runs into Julie Porter and Olivia Davidson, who say they just saw her 15 minutes ago. Liz is confused. Hurrrr, who could they have thought was her? Then when Liz gets to class in the nick of time, Mr. Collins says he thought she was going to be late because he just saw her run the other way past the classroom. Liz realizes Jessica took her jacket and is wearing it and everyone thinks Jess is her. Well, slap me silly and call me Chrome Dome Cooper! Never woulda thunk it.

Liz doesn’t see Jessica for the remainder of the day, and then Todd stands Liz up for their usual lunch date. Hmm, Jessica is impersonating Liz, and she and Todd have disappeared. If this story is supposed to take place after Jungle Prom, Liz should be flipping out!

After school, Liz sees Jess at home and demands she give back the jacket. Jessica first tries to say she doesn’t have it, then admits she borrowed it because she thought it would look cute with her new jeans. What the hell, she didn’t think that would make everyone think she was dating Todd? Or, you know, was Liz? This bitch doesn’t care about shit. Jessica goes on to admit that earlier, Todd walked up just as Aaron Dallas gave her a kiss. Todd freaked out and demanded the jacket back from “Liz” while Jessica tried to explain, in vain. As per usual, Todd is ready to believe the worst about his girl when there’s an obvious explanation to the contrary. Hypocrite from hell! Liz makes Jessica call Todd up and explain to him that it was Jessica wearing the jacket. Todd believes her over the phone, but not in person. What in the flying fuck? Todd then asks to speak to Liz, and he tells Liz that he’s sorry for the way he acted, but that Jessica didn’t even explain that morning – she just handed over the jacket without a word while Todd was in one of his Todd rages. Ohhh I see – I guess. Of course Liz hears this and thinks Jessica lied because she wanted Todd to be mad with Liz, but I’m honestly wondering if Todd might be the one who is lying. Whatever. After Liz hangs up, Jessica sweetly says she’s glad they got everything worked out and Liz can’t believe Jess is “acting so innocent.” Of course you can’t, you freakin’ dumbass. Liz decides she is going to come up with a way to get back at Jessica. Then the booklet pulls this on me:

FullSizeRender (11)

So, what do YOU DECIDE? I DECIDE that Elizabeth gets back at Jessica by giving her an extra stern glare, causing Jessica to burst into tears, at which point Elizabeth forgives her, apologizes, and makes it up to her by doing the dishes and making dinner for her for the next two weeks. Oh, and by offering to let Jessica borrow her flowery church hat, but Jessica is so nice she tells Liz that’s okay, she doesn’t have to take it THAT far. Yay! The End.

Actually, if I’m being honest the real ending is complete murder and mayhem with Liz pulling a reverse Jungle Prom and spiking Todd and Jessica’s drinks – with poison.

Also included with the Elizabeth Campus Cool doll was this little ad for SVH lavalier necklaces and a map poster:

FullSizeRender (10)

Yeah, those are not the SV lavalieres we know! I guess fake gold bar necklaces are a lot less exciting than a big gaudy SVH pendant, for the kids.

Anything else interesting? Yeah, the copyright page was obviously copied from the SVH books, because they had to partially cover up “Printed in the United States of America” with a little “Hong Kong” sticker. (The same is true of the Jessica booklet.)

Coming up next … It’s time for Jessica’s own little story, before we return to the main series.

Bantam’s Loveletters Newsletter, Issue 6 (1988)

Here’s a special treat for you guys courtesy of reader Kat K.! Kat generously sent me a scan of one of the items I’ve been looking for: an issue of Bantam’s Loveletters newsletter! These newsletters were offered free in the back of Sweet Valley books in the late 1980s. You had to mail in a coupon to subscribe. For some reason, I never signed up for these. Boy do I regret that now. It’s pretty sweet – features include an interview with author Caroline B. Cooney, and some Sweet Valley news including a call for identical twins to play Liz and Jess in a TV show! Damn, they were looking as early as the late 80s! Click the screenshots below to see the whole thing. You might wanna zoom in on each piece after you click so you can read the whole janx. Yes I just said janx. Leave me alone, I’m excited about this.

Thanks again, Kat!

Page one

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4!

“A Special Bonus” – 1980s Character Bios!

The earliest SVH books (except for Double Love) had considerably less pages than others. Some of these early books were bulked up with extra content added to the back, such as lengthy synopses of existing books in the series, previews of upcoming books from SVH and the Caitlin series, and … drumroll … the character bios shown below. Click each picture to enlarge it. (Thanks Liesel for asking for these!)

This lengthy bio of Bill Chase appeared in the first edition of book 5.

More about Jessica's infatuation with Bill and Bill's dead girlfriend Julianne

More about Bill's parents than we've ever heard in the books, and the start of Lila's biography.

A rather shattering revelation about Lila's father and some info about Lila's "true love"

The last part of Lila's bio

The back of book 6 featured a Roger Collins biography. Notice it says that Elizabeth and Mr. Collins are "close friends."

...in which we learn about Mr. Collins' ex-wife May and how she kidnapped Teddy after losing the custody battle.

Some foreshadowing of the Mr. Collins-Ms. Dalton bit in Perfect Summer and a strange bit about Jessica's crush on Mr. Collins and her eagerness to babysit ... I didn't know Jessica cared.

There you have it! Have you ever seen any more of these biographies in any SV books? These are the only three I am aware of.

A Shameless Plea for Unreleased Sweet Valley Materials

At some point it became known that Francine had created and maintained a “plot bible” that contained every last vital bit of information regarding the stories and plotlines. I’m not sure when or how this tidbit first got out, and I’ve found almost no real information on it other than what I’ve just shared. Many other bloggers have discussed it, and some have confirmed it does exist with various ghostwriters whom they have interviewed. I once emailed a ghostwriter myself and she also confirmed that there was one and tried to help me track down a copy (to no avail). Overall, I think the most we know is that it contained supposedly every tidbit ever, and that it took the form of a huge sheaf of papers that grew over the years until it was more of a huge, fat book of SV info.

Now, I’m mentioning this because my ears pricked up a bit ago, because I’m up late listening to a fan chat Francine did on Ustream (see it here) because I like to pretend I don’t have to get up for my boring job in a few hours like you know, someone who isn’t a fabulous best-selling, jet-setting YA series creator (who, me jealous?) and Francine responded to a question from a fan who asked her if she had ever considered publishing the Sweet Valley bible. Francine said she had never heard that idea before but she thought it was a very good one and she seemed to be taking the time to consider it. Ohmygosh! Is there a chance we could see it at last? I have been DYING to get my hands on a copy ever since I learned it exists! Part of me wonders if it will just be the same old details I track tediously for every single book, or if it will in fact contain some new things (new to us that is). For example … I always hear it insinuated that there are numerous SVH books out there that were simply never released. If that’s so, are these plotlines also sketched out in the bible? You won’t edit them out will you Francine?

Here’s another idea I have had that I doubt will ever come to fruition, but is fun to think about. IF in fact there are SVH books out there that were never released, is there any chance those old scripts can in fact be edited, given “old style” covers (maybe even commission original cover artist James Mathewuse to do them!) and released as “extras” for the mega fans? Because that would be kick ass. You may not have thought those rejected books would sell back then, but guess what? They will NOW! You might have to pay the people who wrote them royalties for all I know … or maybe you wouldn’t.

So yeah, that’s my very late night rambling about all things SVH. Also in the Francine chat, she mentioned she doesn’t really keep up with the fan blogs but that some of the people who worked with her on SVC do and they fill her in. Now I have no idea if that includes my blog or not. I do know they included that blog on their Facebook page at one point. I was amazed they’d even found it because honestly, when I first started this I didn’t think ANYONE would read it. I ramble a lot and I’m insane about details. So I’m VERY VERY grateful to all of my readers and commenters, all of whom have any number of excellent SV blogs to give their valuable time to, every day. But in response to one of those wonderful commenters, Jamie, and a comment she left me earlier – I don’t know if my readers do include anyone who works with Francine. But, just in case … I thought it couldn’t hurt to add one more vote for the release of the “plot bible” as well as a little idea to put any other material unseen by fans out there! Seriously, with those unreleased stories? If you release them and make ’em look like THE REAL DEAL (NO STUPID 21ST CENTURY EDITS) … I can pretty much guarantee they will buy it. Hell test it out with a limited edition 50,000 copies or so first printing if you don’t believe me.

What do you think? Would you want to see all the old materials released? Are you foaming at the mouth to see it too or is that just me … maybe I need a rabies shot.

Sweet Valley 101: The College Course

A reader with handle apathetic_damp on the wicked awesome LiveJournal Sweet Valley recap community 1bruce1 recently posted that there is a college course on Sweet Valley High at Simmons College in Boston … HOW FRICKIN’ AWESOME.

The accompanying textbook, Reading the Adolescent Romance: Sweet Valley High and the Popular Young Adult Romance Novel by Amy Pattee, is available on Amazon.com. It is already in my shopping cart.

Should I recap it?

Anyone reading this taken the class by chance?

Sweet Valley High Slam Book


Francine decided it wasn’t good enough to release a book about slam books. No, she had to release an actual slam book itself. And here it is! My sister and I both went out and bought these ASAP even though none of my girlfriends had one. (I was only seven, and the only one of my friends who read Sweet Valley High at that time.) She passed hers around in school, however, and even got it taken away once. I’m not sure where my original is, so I went and bought another copy off Alibris.com. Andrea Charlton, if you’re out there, I’ve got yours. Don’t worry, I won’t broadcast the names you put in here … Heh heh.

The book opens with a letter from Elizabeth (with post-scripts from Jessica) telling us how the Slam Book works. Different typefaces are used for each of them so you can tell who’s talking later on. Liz has a no-nonsense typewriter print and Jessica has a fun aqua cursive style. Very appropriate. The rules for the Slam Book are basically the same as they are in Slam Book Fever: you have three sections, Boys, Girls, and Crystal Ball, with categories in each section. You write the name of a person you think fits each category on the corresponding page and then pass it to your friends so they can write their own choices in your book. Then you get lots of fun anonymous name-calling. (Anonymous, that is, assuming you don’t already know what their handwriting looks like!) Here’s something different: each page has two dotted lines going across the corners so that you can fold it down after your write your choice in your own book. That way the kids writing in your book have to make 1/137th more effort to find out what you really think. And to see what your handwriting looks like so that they can tell what you wrote in their books. Seriously, is a folded-down corner really going to deter anybody? I would’ve totally peeked! My sister and I didn’t even bother to fold down our corners! In addition, the Slam Book also includes some fun extras in it – advice column letters, horoscopes, and a calendar.

Liz and Jess lay down some ground rules because of course, only they got to have all the fun with ruining people’s love lives and disrupting class. You’re not supposed to use the book for anything mean, and you’re not supposed to use it during class. Can’t you just see Liz storming into your math class to snatch the book away from you and tell you to pay attention? I guess now that these rules are in place, Liz is suddenly a fan of the whole slam book idea. Funny bit: she also notes that she and Jessica argued about which categories to include. “She wanted to fill the book with categories such as ‘Best Looking,’ ‘Biggest Flirt,’ and ‘Best Gossip’ – and that’s where we disagreed. I’m more interested in choosing things like ‘Best Athlete’ or ‘Smartest.’ Jessica says that’s goody-goody stuff and boring.” Ha ha! How clever. Yes, that is boring, Liz, you freakin’ halo-sporter you. Lastly, the twins note that you’ll see where they wrote their own choices on certain pages. Oh boy.

Girls section: I’m not going to name all the categories, just the ones I find interesting or that one of the twins put something in. It starts off with “Most Like Elizabeth Wakefield” and “Most Like Jessica Wakefield.” I would’ve appreciated a “Most Like Betsy Martin” or “Most Like Annie Whitman” but I guess that’s getting into the “mean” categories. “Most Popular” shows that Liz put down Jessica and Jessica put down Liz. How surprising. “Biggest Flirt” does NOT have Jessica written down. Aw, we wouldn’t want A.J. Morgan to see it and get the wrong idea! “Best Athlete” cracks me up because my Slam Book’s previous owner, Andrea, or one of her friends wrote “[Girl] thinks she’s the best athlete, but she’s not.” HAHAHA! Liz put Dana Larson for “Most Talented.” Please tell me you’re talking about her singing and not her lyrical writing abilities, Liz. Jessica put Lila Fowler for “Best Dressed” and Caroline Pearce for “Best Gossip.” “Most Loyal Friend”: Liz says Enid Rollins (shocker), and Jessica put “Cara Walker.” Hmmmm … yeah, I guess Cara is a much better friend than backstabbing Lila or skanky old Amy. There’s a blank page on the other side of that last one and one of old Andrea’s friends put “Mega Worst Dancer” as a new category. Wow Andrea, there is one chick listed in this book that you guys are DEFINITELY not a fan of. I couldn’t help but notice. Hahaha.

Boys section: The first category is “Most Like Bruce Patman”. Uh … so “Most Rapey”? Okay. Hey, why is there no “Most Like Lila Fowler” in the Girls section? You vain little twats, putting “Most Like” yourselves in there but not the esteemed Ms. Fowler! Oh, and the illustration for “Most Popular” in both the Girls and Boys sections is a piece of notepaper with two names and meeting times written on it … so I guess if you’re going to meet up with two friends in one day, or whatever, that’s how you know you’re really in demand. I don’t know; I’m really picking at this thing now. Alright, back to Boys. Jessica says that “Biggest Jock” is Ken Matthews, but he might not appreciate being put in that category now that Andrea or one of her friends has altered it! Someone crossed out “Jock” and replaced it with “Dick” with a corresponding drawing nearby! Yes, that’s right, I can see where you tried to erase the roughly sketched penis and it didn’t work! Elizabeth is going to come after you for violating the rules!

For “Smartest”, Liz says Allen Walters and Jessica says “Peter DeHaven.” “Most Talented” is Guy Chesney, according to Liz. Liz also said Winston Egbert is “Class Clown.” Never saw that one coming. And then lastly, we have “Nicest” with Jessica’s choice of Tom McKay. Really? Tom was one of the frat brothers that helped harass Josh Bowen. And once again, we have Andrea’s added category of “Worst Dancer.” At least it’s not “Mega Worst” this time!

Crystal Ball section: Andrea changed “Most Likely to Be President” to “Most Likely to Be Prime Minister” since she is from Canada. She and her friends really dig them some Tom Cruise, also. I notice the “Most Likely to Have Six Kids” page is blank of any suggestions from Liz or Jess, which must be because Jessica threw a tantrum over that one in Slam Book Fever. There aren’t any contributions from the twins in this section at all actually, which is pretty short.

Advice Questions: Letters asking Liz and Jess for advice are printed in the category sections on the opposing pages. Liz answers one question, then Jess answers the next, etc. These are supposed to be questions their friends always ask them, because they’re advice mavens. There’s a weird one to Jessica from “Worried” who says her friend doesn’t want to double date anymore. Jess is like, “Just ask her what her problem is.” Haha, I bet I know what it is. She wants to make out with her man without you breathing down her neck, Worried! GOSH! But WAIT! What’s this? “In Love” asks a question about her boyfriend being afraid she’ll meet someone else while she is a junior counselor at summer camp. Jessica of course first tries to dissuade In Love from getting tied down, but then she adds that if you must date someone seriously, writing lots of letters will help. “It’s worked for my sister Liz!” RIGHT! Because when Jeffrey was away at camp and calling and writing frequently, it worked so well! Liz didn’t fall in love with another dude or anything! “Responsible” is whining that she’s 14 and her parents won’t let her stay out past 10 o’clock on the weekends. Cry me a river, Responsible! And “Disappointed” asks Liz what to do about a friend she thinks betrayed her. Liz tells her to make sure that her friend did indeed betray her by talking to her first. You fuckin’ hypocrite, Liz. Then Jessica advises “Older Woman” not to care about what her friends think because it’s no big deal to date someone who is a year younger than you are! LIES! She admits that she did this once herself but conveniently leaves out how she dumped him the second she found out he was younger! “Sloppy but Happy” asks Liz if it’s true that because it’s her mom’s house, she has to keep her room clean. Liz says “I don’t know if this is a right or wrong situation” – are you joking? Pristine immaculate Liz says this? Plus, I was a messy ass teenager, but if I own the house, you better keep it clean. I don’t want stinkin’ roaches in my house! Gross!

Cigarettes make an appearance when “Non-Smoker” asks Jessica what to do about her friends pressuring her to smoke. Non-Smoker needs to choose a different name for herself since she’s actually already started smoking, she just doesn’t want to do it anymore. “Hurt” is an identical twin who’s mad because the boy she likes is always hanging out with her sister now. Gee, sound familiar? Jessica admits she is having a hard time answering this one, then says the twins should make an agreement not to go after each other’s “potential boyfriends.” I don’t even need to comment. “Nervous” stupidly asks ELIZABETH what to do about her older boyfriend. She’s fifteen and he’s eighteen, so he could go to jail for it, but Liz encourages her to tell the ‘rents and says, “Unless there’s something wrong with this guy, I don’t see why they won’t approve.” You don’t, huh Liz? Oh wait, I forgot your friend Enid was dating a college boy when she was still fifteen. “Concerned” tells Jessica her sister’s boyfriend is a pot smoker and wants to know what to do. Jessica tells her to tell her sister and let her decide what to do which is a pleasant surprise. Good thing she didn’t ask Liz, or someone would’ve gotten ratted out to the authorities.

Horoscope section: This area just tells you things about yourself based on your sign. I LOVED horoscopes when I was a kid, especially because I really do fit the description of a Leo. Unfortunately, in the back of this book the first line is missing from my Leo ‘scope! Looks like a printing error and actually, I remember it being in my book also. Thanks Bantam. My horoscope says I am “proud, dynamic, and generous” and that I need to think things through before making big decisions. Considering the amount of money I have dropped on Sweet Valley books, I would say that’s very accurate. Sigh.

Calendar section: This is cute. Just three months to each page with a different illustration for each one. Andrea wrote names of people having birthdays in here. I see the September calendar block has one of those old-fashioned bookstraps from like, the 50s, as the illustration.

The cover resembles the speckled composition books that the girls used in Slam Book Fever. The picture of Jess and Liz from Double Love is here, as is the new Sweet Valley High logo that started showing up on the cover backs a few books ago.

Laurie Pascal Wenk wrote this one. I guess she is related to Francine 🙂

If you couldn’t tell, I had way too much fun with this one. What are your Slam Book memories?

Coming up next: The Jessica-A.J. saga begins!

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