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A COMPLETE List of ALL Sweet Valley High Books

This is the complete list of Sweet Valley High books from start to finish with publication dates. (Note: Most publication dates are based on the copyright date in the book, not the known publication date. For instance, Double Love has an October 1983 copyright date, and October was given as the release month by Bantam, but the actual release date was September 15, 1983.)

I originally kept this blog on Blogspot, so entries ahead of book 30 might be formatted kind of funky until I eventually get around to fixing those.


The original books were all released by Bantam.

Promotional booklet: It’s All Happening at … Sweet Valley High (1983) Check out Instagram account svthenandnow for photos! (See their March 20, 2020 post)

#1 Double Love (October 1983)

#2 Secrets (November 1983) According to promotional materials, this book’s original title was Love Secrets. For more related to this title, see also: Enid and Jessica

#3 Playing With Fire (December 1983)

#4 Power Play (January 1984)

#5 All Night Long (February 1984) See also: Lila Fowler’s Character Bio (in back of book) & special extra: bios of Bill Chase, Lila Fowler, and Roger Collins (scanned in from backs of books 5 and 6)

#6 Dangerous Love (March 1984)

#7 Dear Sister (April 1984) Original / unreleased title: About-Face

#8 Heart Breaker (May 1984)

#9 Racing Hearts (June 1984) According to the last page of Heart Breaker, this book was supposed to be titled Love on the Run. I don’t think it was ever released with that title.

#10 Wrong Kind of Girl (July 1984)

#11 Too Good to be True (August 1984)

#12 When Love Dies (September 1984)

#13 Kidnapped! (October 1984)

#14 Deceptions (December 1984) There was no book for November for some unexplained reason.

#15 Promises (January 1985)

#16 Rags to Riches (February 1985)

#17 Love Letters (March 1985)

#18 Head Over Heels (April 1985)

#19 Showdown (May 1985)

#20 Crash Landing! (June 1985)

#21 Runaway (July 1985)

Super Edition #1 Perfect Summer (August 1985)

#22 Too Much in Love (September 1985)

#23 Say Goodbye (October 1985)

#24 Memories (November 1985)

Super Edition #2 Special Christmas (December 1985)

#25 Nowhere to Run (January 1986)

#26 Hostage! (February 1986)

#27 Lovestruck (March 1986)

Super Edition #3 Spring Break (April 1986)

#28 Alone in the Crowd (May 1986)

#29 Bitter Rivals (July 1986)

Super Edition #4 Malibu Summer (August 1986)

#30 Jealous Lies (September 1986)

#31 Taking Sides (October 1986)

#32 The New Jessica (November 1986)

Super Edition #5 Winter Carnival (December 1986)

#33 Starting Over (January 1987)

#34 Forbidden Love (February 1987)

#35 Out of Control (March 1987)

Super Edition #6 Spring Fever (April 1987)

#36 Last Chance (May 1987)

#37 Rumors (June 1987)

#38 Leaving Home (August 1987)

#39 Secret Admirer (September 1987)

#40 On the Edge (October 1987)

#41 Outcast (November 1987)

Super Thriller #1 Double Jeopardy (December 1987)

#42 Caught in the Middle (January 1988)

#43 Hard Choices (February 1988)

#44 Pretenses (April 1988) No book for March

#45 Family Secrets (May 1988)

Super Thriller #2 On The Run (June 1988)

#46 Decisions (July 1988)

#47 Troublemaker (August 1988)

#48 Slam Book Fever (September 1988)

Sweet Valley High Slam Book (October 1988) This was a special diary-style slam book like that mentioned in book 48.

#49 Playing for Keeps (October 1988)

#50 Out of Reach (November 1988)

Super Thriller #3 No Place to Hide (December 1988)

#51 Against the Odds (January 1989)

#52 White Lies (February 1989)

#53 Second Chance (March 1989)

#54 Two-Boy Weekend (April 1989)

#55 Perfect Shot (May 1989)

#56 Lost at Sea (June 1989) See additional thoughts here (Original pre-release title, per a reader tip: Shipwrecked)

Super Thriller #4 Deadly Summer (July 1989)

#57 Teacher Crush (August 1989)

#58 Brokenhearted (September 1989)

#59 In Love Again (October 1989)

#60 That Fatal Night (November 1989)

Super Star #1 Lila’s Story (December 1989)

#61 Boy Trouble (January 1990)

#62 Who’s Who? (February 1990)

#63 The New Elizabeth (March 1990)

#64 The Ghost of Tricia Martin (April 1990)

#65 Trouble at Home (May 1990)

Super Star #2 Bruce’s Story (June 1990)

#66 Who’s to Blame? (July 1990)

#67 The Parent Plot (August 1990)

#68 The Love Bet (September 1990)

#69 Friend Against Friend (October 1990)

#70 Ms. Quarterback (November 1990)

Super Star #3 Enid’s Story (December 1990)

#71 Starring Jessica! (January 1991)

#72 Rock Star’s Girl (February 1991)

#73 Regina’s Legacy (March 1991)

#74 The Perfect Girl (April 1991)

#75 Amy’s True Love (May 1991)

#76 Miss Teen Sweet Valley (June 1991)

#77 Cheating To Win (July 1991)

Magna Edition #1 / Sweet Valley Saga #1 The Wakefields of Sweet Valley (August 1991)

#78 The Dating Game (September 1991)

#79 The Long-Lost Brother (October 1991)

#80 The Girl They Both Loved (November 1991)

Super Star #4 Olivia’s Story (December 1991)

#81 Rosa’s Lie (January 1992)

#82 Kidnapped by the Cult! (February 1992)

#83 Steven’s Bride (March 1992)

#84 The Stolen Diary (April 1992)

#85 Soap Star (May 1992)

Magna Edition #2 / Sweet Valley Saga #2 The Wakefield Legacy: The Untold Story (June 1992)

#86 Jessica Against Bruce (July 1992)

Super Star #5 Todd’s Story (August 1992)

#87 My Best Friend’s Boyfriend (September 1992)

#88 Love Letters for Sale (October 1992)

#89 Elizabeth Betrayed (November 1992)

Super Thriller #5 Murder On the Line (December 1992)

#90 Don’t Go Home with John (January 1993)

#91 In Love with a Prince (February 1993)

#92 She’s Not What She Seems (March 1993)

#93 Stepsisters (April 1993)

#94 Are We In Love? (May 1993)

Magna Edition #3 A Night To Remember (June 1993)

#95 The Morning After (July 1993)

#96 The Arrest (August 1993)

#97 The Verdict (September 1993)

#98 The Wedding (October 1993)

#99 Beware the Babysitter (November 1993)

#100 / Magna Edition #4 The Evil Twin (December 1993) This book is considered Magna Edition #4, but it’s also part of the regular series with a series number.

Campus Cool: Elizabeth’s Story (1993) (released with Campus Cool Elizabeth doll)

Campus Cool: Jessica’s Story (1993) (released with Campus Cool Jessica doll)

Prom Perfect: Moonlight and Roses (1993) (released with Prom Perfect doll set)

#101 The Boyfriend War (January 1994)

#102 Almost Married (February 1994)

#103 Operation Love Match (March 1994)

#104 Love and Death in London (April 1994)

#105 A Date with a Werewolf (May 1994)

#106 / Super Thriller #6 Beware the Wolfman (June 1994) This book is Super Thriller #6, but it is also part of the “regular” series with a series number.

The World of Sweet Valley: Meet Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield (June 1994)

#107 Jessica’s Secret Love (July 1994)

#108 Left at the Altar! (August 1994)

Magna Edition #5 Elizabeth’s Secret Diary (September 1994)

Magna Edition #6 Jessica’s Secret Diary (September 1994)

#109 Double-Crossed (October 1994)

#110 Death Threat (November 1994)

#111 / Super Thriller #7 A Deadly Christmas (December 1994)

#112 Jessica Quits the Squad (January 1995)

#113 The Pom-Pom Wars (February 1995)

#114 “V” for Victory (March 1995)

Super Thriller #8 Murder In Paradise (April 1995)

#115 The Treasure of Death Valley (May 1995)

#116 Nightmare in Death Valley (June 1995)

Super Thriller #9 A Stranger in the House (July 1995)

Super Thriller #10 A Killer on Board (August 1995)

Meet the Stars of Sweet Valley High (August 1995) This includes a chapter all about Francine Pascal and the history of the books, so I decided to go ahead and review it even though I have about zero interest in the TV series, which looks terrible.

#117 Jessica the Genius (September 1995)

#118 College Weekend (October 1995)

Special TV Edition #1 California Love (October 1995)

#119 Jessica’s Older Guy (November 1995)

Magna Edition #7 Return of the Evil Twin (December 1995)

Sweet Valley High Magazine #1 (December 1995) (Released in the UK only)

#120 In Love with the Enemy (January 1996)

Special TV Edition #2 Twin Hearts (January 1996)

#121 The High School War (February 1996)

#122 A Kiss Before Dying (March 1996)

Super Edition #7 Falling For Lucas (April 1996)

#123 Elizabeth’s Rival (May 1996)

#124 Meet Me at Midnight (June 1996)

#125 Camp Killer (July 1996)

Magna Edition #8 Elizabeth’s Secret Diary Volume II (August 1996)

Magna Edition #9 Jessica’s Secret Diary Volume II (August 1996)

#126 Tall, Dark and Deadly (September 1996)

#127 Dance of Death (October 1996)

#128 Kiss of a Killer (November 1996)

Sweet Valley High 1997 Annual (1996) (U.K. release only) There is no actual release date for this one on the inside cover other than 1996, so I’m just sticking it here till I have more info.

Magna Edition #10 / Sweet Valley Saga #3 The Fowlers of Sweet Valley (December 1996)

Magna Edition #11 / Sweet Valley Saga #4 The Patmans of Sweet Valley (January 1997)

Super Edition #8 Jessica Takes Manhattan (February 1997)

#129 Cover Girls (March 1997)

#130 Model Flirt (April 1997)

#131 Fashion Victim (May 1997)

#132 Once Upon A Time (June 1997)

Magna Edition #12 Elizabeth’s Secret Diary Volume III (July 1997)

Magna Edition #13 Jessica’s Secret Diary Volume III (July 1997)

#133 To Catch a Thief (August 1997)

#134 Happily Ever After (September 1997)

Super Thriller #11 R for Revenge (October 1997)

#135 Lila’s New Flame (November 1997)

#136 Too Hot to Handle (December 1997)

#137 Fight Fire with Fire (January 1998)

Super Edition #9 / Super Romance #1 Mystery Date (February 1998) It’s technically a Super Edition, but the cover calls it a Super Romance.

#138 What Jessica Wants . . . (March 1998)

#139 Elizabeth is Mine (April 1998)

#140 Please Forgive Me (May 1998)

#141 A Picture-Perfect Prom? (June 1998)

#142 The Big Night (July 1998)

#143 Party Weekend (August 1998)

Super Edition #10 Last Wish (September 1998)

Super Edition #11 Earthquake! (November 1998)

Super Edition #12 Aftershock (December 1998)

The series was briefly re-launched in 2008. Twelve books were originally slated for publication, but only six were released. These books were published by Laurel Leaf. There were marked differences in the books, so I will review them also.

#1 Double Love (April 2008)

#2 Secrets (April 2008)

#3 Playing with Fire (August 2008)

#4 Power Play (August 2008)

#5 All Night Long (December 2008)

#6 Dangerous Love (December 2008)

2019 graphic novel series (published by Dynamite):

#1 Academic All-Star? (August 2019)

Sweet Valley Confidential:

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later (March 2011) (See also: Chapter 1 Preview review, SVC UK cover, and SVC US cover reveal)

Sweet Valley Confidential: The Sweet Life is the sequel to the original Sweet Valley Confidential book. Originally released in e-book serial format, the entire novel can also be purchased in an omnibus hardcover edition. Post-Sweet Life, Francine advertised a seventh serial, but this turned out to be an alternate ending to the original story (which I’ll also review).

Serial reviews:

#1 The Sweet Life (July 2012)

#2 Lies and Omissions (July 2012)

#3 Too Many Doubts (July 2012)

#4 Secrets and Seductions (July 2012)

#5 Cutting the Ties (August 2012)

#6 Bittersweet (August 2012)

Alternate ending for Bittersweet (May 2014)

Unofficial SVH:

Reading the Adolescent Romance: Sweet Valley High and the Popular Young Adult Romance Novel (published by Routledge, written by Amy Pattee, December 2010)

Other stuff:

Review wish list:
Sweet Valley High Plot “Bible” – An informative collection of papers given to SV ghostwriters to help them write their books. I wrote to Alloy packaging (SV 2008 series) after a ghostwriter I spoke with told me they might have an old copy of this somewhere, but I received no response from Alloy. Someone send me your old copy or scans!

Love Letters
newsletters from Bantam – Free publication, released for an unknown number of issues in the 80s for Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams fans. Included interviews with the ghostwriters, tidbits, news, and “gossip” about the characters. I’d love to see these!

Issues 3 or later of The Oracle newsletter (I don’t think these exist)Any drafts of any unreleased Sweet Valley stories or books in the series

Any Sweet Valley Confidential merchandise or promo gifts (T-shirts, compacts, etc.)

Anything else I don’t know about

I will consider reviewing other non-book stuff besides what’s listed here.

Note and disclaimer: I am not offering any part of my collection for trade or sale. If anyone offers to sell or trade you anything on or through this blog, I am not a part of that and I am not responsible for it in any way, shape, or form; proceed at your own risk. (For those curious, I obtained the vast majority of my current collection via eBay.)

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  1. […] the UK only, so I had to pay a little extra shipping, but not too too much. I’ve added it to my list of books to review, but if you can’t wait till then, check out Alibris, Amazon.com’s Marketplace, or Ebay […]

  2. Hiya, i don’t have spares to offer, but I do have scans of all 3 of the SVH doll books that were released — you can find them here http://www.svunlimited.net/books/svh_dollbooks/booksinmerc.html feel — free to use them. Also, if you’d like scans of the SVH 1995 Magazine – e-mail me and i’ll try and send them your way

    • Thanks! That’s so helpful! I think I’ll add them to my regular review list then – 1993 right? No months that these were released? And I would love some scans of the 1995 magazine. Was that the only issue ever released?

      Is your email the same as the regular SV Unlimited site email?

      Thanks much for all your help, it is very appreciated! 🙂

      • yep, only the ever one issue –not sure why though, as it promises to deliver more in future issues o.O (ha! such lies). I can try n get you the scans in the next couple of days or so, as i’ll have my hard drive w/ me then, just buzz me a quick e-mail to livfreeverse[at]gmail[.]com so it registers my end. As for the months of those 3 doll books, sorry, i have absolutely no idea as i’ve pretty much scanned the inside-outs of all three, and it merely states ‘printed in 1993’ on the inside. I can imagine it’s quite annoying for you, seeing as you’re a stickler for date order though 😛 lol. Also as an aside, I’m loving going through your recaps & seeing what the back of each book has to offer -ad-wise- I’ve got mostly SVH UK books and our ads are so boring, we might as well not even have them.

  3. do you need elizabeths diaries & jessicas diaries? if so

    might be a bit extra shipping wise

    • Hi, thanks for offering, but I do have all of the books on the *main* list on this page 🙂 (just looking for the ones in the bottom section)

  4. sorry just navigating about, your blogs are so funny i actually tears streaming down my face

  5. I am so excited reading your list. It is the most thorough one I have been able to find! I had ALL of the SVH and SVU books. I ended up giving them all away in a huge box to a friend that was a couple years younger than me. I thought I was finished with SV until I heard about the one that was released this year. I pounced on it and now I am in the process of trying to collect all the books again. 🙂 I have been able to find some lists that are broken up and I knew didn’t include some of the super editions, etc. I guess collecting SV books is a pretty cheap hobby and I am enjoying re-reading the SVU books. I feel like I am too old to read the SVH books now (I am 29 and will be 30 in January!!) but will anyway. I have my ‘big girl’ books (Shopaholic, SATC, etc) but reading these, especially with it being summer time, really takes me back to the good old days of no worries in my life.
    So I thank you for taking the time to make this list. I guess when I buy my first house, I will have an entire bookcase dedicated to SV. :))))))

  6. I am so excited reading your list. It is the most thorough one I have been able to find! I had ALL of the SVH and SVU books. I ended up giving them all away in a huge box to a friend that was a couple years younger than me. I thought I was finished with SV until I heard about the one that was released this year. I pounced on it and now I am in the process of trying to collect all the books again. I have been able to find some lists that are broken up and I knew didn’t include some of the super editions, etc. I guess collecting SV books is a pretty cheap hobby and I am enjoying re-reading the SVU books. I feel like I am too old to read the SVH books now (I am 29 and will be 30 in January!!) but will anyway. I have my ‘big girl’ books (Shopaholic, SATC, etc) but reading these, especially with it being summer time, really takes me back to the good old days of no worries in my life.
    So I thank you for taking the time to make this list. I guess when I buy my first house, I will have an entire bookcase dedicated to SV. )))))


  7. jburd910@gmail.com said:

    Where is “Carnival Ghost” searched and searched can’t find anywhere?

  8. jburd910@gmail.com said:

    Where can I find “A Night to Remember” ,The Morning After. The Arrest. And The Verdict? Is my only chance finding them online?

    • You might be able to track them down in a used bookshop, but online is your best bet. You could look for them on Ebay, Amazon, or Alibris. Amazon will probably have best condition and range of prices, but you can sometimes find good bulk lot deals on Ebay. 🙂

  9. caroline woodger said:

    hi i collected the books yrs ago and now my daughter wants to collect them where can i find the ones with the dolls and your list is really good cant believe it was that long ago also how many dvds did they bring out i can only find season 1

    • The books that come with the dolls are pretty hard to find! I’ve only been able to find the doll sets on Ebay, and they are quite expensive. If you want to read them online, they used to be available at a site called Sweet Valley Unlimited, but it currently looks like the site might be down. I’ll try to check with the site owner and see what the status is!

      As for the DVDs – unfortunately, Season 1 is the only one that’s ever been released. Kind of odd considering the huge nostalgic fan base!

  10. I love the sweet valley series. I’m 37 and I read a lot of them as a teen, I gave all the books I had away and now I’m regretting it. I never read anything before sweet valley twins and I’ve never read entire series. I would love to find them and start reading all over again. Do you think they will ever be able to turn the books into e- books? It would be so much easier? Thanks for your list, I don’t have a lot of space in my house to have such a huge collection, I guess I’ll have to just go to my local library and see what I can find. It would be so great if I could just read all the books online. I already have sweet valley confidential and now the 6 part serial ebooks that just came out.

    • Hey Rose, I have good news for you. The first twelve Sweet Valley High books are being re-released in e-book format this fall. The first one is coming out on October 1st!

  11. I have a copy of the newsletter, “Love Letters” if you would like me to scan it and email it to you it would be my pleasure! I was a huge SVH fan and sent away for it, unfortunately it is the only one that ever arrived, but I have kept it these past 20 years! I started rereading SVH when I found them in my parents attic last month and I am obsessed all over again! So glad to see I am not the only one! P.S. don’t bother with the T.V. show, I bought it and it is horrendous! Plus is interferes with my image of the characters and I hate that! Hope the movie is better!

  12. I had two of the sweet valley fan club newsletters, but I have no idea where they are, I think they were issue 3 and 4 or something wierd like that, so there are more than the two that are advertised in the fan club membership tear out page from the books (why do you only get two, and then you aren’t every given an option to renew or whatever?).. I’m hoping to find them in a shed my dad errected in the backyard at my childhood home, but I need cooler weather to search for them. I did find my fan club pencil box. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, but I have cut-outs from all the doll boxes (photos, the car keys, the descriptions of the outfits). I wasn’t able to get 2 of the outfit sets, but I scoured Toys R Us for weeks in my area trying to find them when they came out. I can’t even remember how old I was, but I graduated high school in 1998. I guess I could never drop this damn SV obsession. The TV show was hit or miss.. literally. It never had the same time spot in my town, and I never knew if it would be on. The TV listing in the newspaper would say it’s on at 11 am on a Sunday, and it wouldn’t be on. I don’t even think it made it to the fourth season here. I did stop reading the books midway though highschool.. I’d like to say, maybe it was my senior year, I don’t know. Only in the last few years have I started collecting and reading them. I was excited to see the “biographies” you posted from some of the first editions of the books. This makes me want to scour used book stores more! You can’t hardly find these books anymore. Maybe there will be a resurgence if the movie is popular?


  14. I Really love sweet valley!!…..I live in Pakistan,Karachi…I can’t find many books here and it’s hard for me to do it online..Do u know any bookstore that might help..BDW ur list is GREAT!!!

  15. I saw the page at the back of the book i saw the page about the fan club i really want to join but it will take a long procedure Is there any website from where i can join the club???and do u know any SV movie i can download and watch…i don’t care if the movie is of SVK or SVH..if its a movie of sweet valley plz tell me the names and briefly tell about them..thanku!

  16. I just found a box of Sweet Valley Books as I was unpacking from a move. Would anyone like to buy them from me?

    Please contact me at: efo.florida@hotmail.com

    I do not want to throw these treasures away. Thanks


    • Nicola Foot said:

      Hi are they sweet valley high, twins, uni etc? I’m trying to rebuild my collection and have managed to complete SVH and SVU. I think I want senior year next or sweet valley twins…

  17. Caroline said:

    I just found this website a few weeks ago and I love it! I used to own most of these books (we picked them up at a garage sale) but we gave them away when we moved and I had not read another one since I was in middle school. Not only do your recaps bring back the memories of reading them as a pre-adolescent who thought they were the height of sophisticated literature, they also add the wonderfully snarky flavor of real life perspective! I enjoy this website so much! Thank you!

  18. Very good blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little
    lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?
    There are so many choices out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any tips? Kudos!

  19. Hi I Dont know if anyone can help. I used to have a Sweet Valley book which I am pretty sure was about the fowlers and started out telling the background of her family tree. I cannot find it anywhere but Loved it and have looked through this list and the only one I can find doesnt seem to have the right blurb? Help me !!

  20. Nicola Foot said:

    Hi I would love to read the books that came with the dolls but like you said they are crazy expensive to buy online! Is there any way you could email them to me so I could read them too please?

    • Hi! I’m currently trying to figure out what I did with those – I had them saved somewhere but I can’t find them. I’ll keep looking and I will comment again if I find them. I got my copies as scans from the Sweet Valley Unlimited site which is currently down (but should be relaunching in the near future).

  21. I have a box of these books and wondering if anyone would like to purchase them?

  22. We have almost 1,500 copies of Sweet Valley High books (mostly in very good condition) as well as hundreds of Kids, Twins, University series. Some are listed on our website – http://www.readingwell.com. Email us if you’re interested in buying any (or all!) I can make and send special lists for anyone.

  23. I have numerous copies for sale.

  24. […] Valley High books. There were about a bazillion of these books published and up until I read the full list books posted on Snark Valley’s blog, I thought I’d read a good chunk of them. Clicking my way […]

  25. Come back and finish reviewing the series!!! You’ve made the holidays bearable. You’re hysterical!!!

  26. it is the best book ever

  27. It’s funny I found this site bc I have been re-reading the SVH series and I think these summaries are hysterical. I was so into these books as a kid and to read them again as am adult takes me back. Can anyone really stand Jessica though ? She is one evil bitch. I was never a fan of Todd and was so happy when he moved and she started dating Jeffrey. Enid is just such a drop. Amy Sutton, couldn’t stand her. I was livid when she tore up Regina and Bruce when I read On the Edge as a kid. I haven’t gotten to that one yet but it is around the corner. I was so annoyed that everyone was high and mighty with Molly….hello Bruce and Amy! They started it all! And Liz. I mean come on. There is a limit to what one person can accept in terms of being naive. I have not read the 10 years later addition and I’m glad I read your blog on it bc that is all just unacceptable. Steven and Aaron? Jessica and Todd? Bruce and Liz. Come on now! Anyway I love your summaries. Thanks for putting this up.

  28. This piece of writing gives clear idea in favor of
    the new people of blogging, that in fact how to do running
    a blog.

  29. Thanks for the review on the books. This is so cool. I grew up reading the books. Wish I could re-read all of them as an adult. I bought some of the high school and university copies on eBay but don’t have close to what is a complete set. So thanks for making this awesome listing.

  30. Have completed the collection, except for the UK magazine. All series, including the 1997 UK annual. If you need anything looked up, let me know. Used to have them all catalogued but lost them all in a move, so started over from scratch.

  31. I have loved SVH since I Read crash landing at age 13 now I will be 40 come September. Trying to find # s 109 140 & 142 so that at least my number ones of the series is complete. Have nearly all the thrillers sagas super stars magna and what ever else of the specialty book. Missing 3 of the 6 diaries. Want to sell them all but think they will sell higher if I complete it first. Got to admit I have been fighting the urge to ‘re-read them instead of selling them.

  32. Are these the same book list that were about them being kids and stuff? Cause when I came to US on ’96 I read a few and love them. Trying to find them now for my kids to enjoy!

  33. Hi Karen. Try eBay I’ve been rebuilding my collection as I lost over half of them through the last twenty years. Found some good deals on there and a lot of the ones I lost including the ones you put down. Good luck Hun.

  34. Michelle Jeffries said:

    I have started rereading the series this month after finding a huge bin of books from my middle school days. I found a map of Sweet Valley in there. Not sure what it was from, but kind of fun to see where everyone lived!

    • This is SO random Michelle but I would love to see this map! I had a map of SV when I was a kid but I can’t recall what item it came with – so I would love to see your map and maybe buy it off you if you’re interested. Again, I know this is totally random but the map is so nostalgic for me.

  35. Hi great that you did all this uhm all I want to know is where can I download all the sweet valley books to read on my pc I tried collecting them but think I bit off more than I could chew there’s too many and not all the librabries I bought it at had even a complete series so I kicked myself almost had a lila fit and calmed down now I’m waiting and scoping untill I have them all. I don’t just wat university,confidential I want unicorns and all even the series which they had on tv lol loved too many and i can’t get enough till I have them all. If you know anything let me know I’d appreceate it really hugs 🙂

  36. You were so excited about the jungle prom and then you disappeared!

  37. Can you send me the scans? I went to the website and it wasn’t around anymore.

  38. How do I get a collection of all these sweet valley high books..please let me know..thanks

  39. Kylie waller said:

    Is it possible to still purchase the complete collection of the SVH books, I absolutely loved reading these books when I was a teenager & would love to pass them onto my daughter ..
    Thank u..


  40. Elizabeth said:

    I used to LOVE these books when I was young and reading through all this was a such a great trip down memory lane! Your description of the books is hilarious! I’d been thinking about reading the books again but I won’t put myself through it now!

  41. I know this is a loooong time after this post, so you may HATE Sweet Valley now… haha! But you’re still looking for some of those post book 94 books, I have a few. A few years ago I got the bright idea to “complete my collection” and started ordering off Ebay and whatnot, and more often than not there would be sets that would be sold, and so I ended up with several copies. (That also goes for anyone on here) I have some SVT and SVK as well as some SVU books I think too. If you’re interested, let me know and we’ll see what I we can do!)

  42. Kimberly Carducci said:

    Awesome! I look forward to reading more reviews and getting email updates!

  43. Hi elizabeth where do u stay?

  44. […] meant ‘girl books’ from series like The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High were verboten […]

  45. Maggie LeVine said:

    Thank you SO much for these recaps! I was Googling 1984 fashions and somehow your blog came up. I was a huge SVH fan in junior high/high school and reading this was a fun trip down Memory Lane. You got much farther in than I did (I think I stopped around Claire’s quarterback stint and Regina’s camera incident), but I look forward to reading the rest of your reviews! 🙂

  46. MiniCooper2011s said:

    Where are the reviews for evil twin and beyond? Really looking forward to them!

  47. Bonolo Pats said:

    I really love reading Sweet Valley High books ..
    They are all so interesting

  48. I have one copy of the Oracle that came in the fan club box if you are interested, I can scan it for you. I love this series! Don’t know if you know this yet or not but they recently put the majority of the SVH books on kindle unlimited, except for the super editions. I’m currently reading through the entire series for the first time and have already read 60+ books this year. Also, you can read the super editions (and probably the remainder of the series) for free on openlibrary.org – comes in very handy and you can read them on your phone! Keep up the good work on the blog, it’s absolutely hilarious!

  49. […] spend time reading even when I had friends over (hello, Berenstain Bears, Baby Sitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, Where the Red Fern Grows, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Alaska Bear Talesand The Shadow […]

  50. Ajoy De Guzman said:

    Hi i want to get the comolete sweet valley on your list thru ebook or kindle app. Can you help me? Thabks!

  51. I just started up the series again – and I’m in my late 30s! I regret never reading the entire series, but luckily, http://www.openlibrary.org exists!

  52. Okay, I am old, 50+, I had this series when I was in HS. This snark review page is hilarious! I got rid of the series when I started travelling, but now I have most of the first 100 books back. Please keep reviewing the books, as sometimes I often thought that Liz should have grown a backbone and told her sister to screw off. So keep going. I think you are doing great.

  53. I own every one of these books including all sweet valley twins, kids, unicorns etc. I also have all of the audio tapes, slam book, her autograph, the dolls, a jacket from the set of the show etc etc would love to follow any of you on instagram !

  54. “Issue #2 of the Oracle newsletter for the Sweet Valley High fan club (though I have reason to believe it was never released)”
    A pink, Oracle Volume II newsletter does exist — though I think it’s even more rare to find than the first. I have a fan photo of it which was taken by a collector in the fandom many moons ago.

    • That’s awesome about Oracle #2! If you don’t mind, can you send me the photo? I can post it in a future blog post (crediting you with it under whatever name you prefer) and “review” it (however much there is visible in the photo to review :)). You can send it to snarkvalley AT gmail

  55. Came across your blogs whilst trying to find a full list of the books. Absolutely loving your reviews. Totally hilarious you’ve had me in complete stitches. Currently rereading them myself, more for nostalgia really…

  56. Terri Ralston said:

    I have a collection of Sweet Valley books that my daughter read. I’m not sure what to do with them. Any suggestions?

    • As long as they’re decent condition, you can probably sell them on eBay or Amazon. Or pretty much any thrift shop you donate them to will be happy to have them.

  57. Jennifer Burdick said:

    Where is the super chiller “carnival ghost”?

  58. Jae Carter said:

    Do you have any information on the cassette audio books that were released in the mid 80’s…I had the #5 All Night Long cassette, it was hilarious…

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